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Exponential growth as a result of automation and operational efficiencies

What was your business like before Solid Commerce?
A mess. It was really hard to keep our inventory straight. Posting to the different marketplaces was difficult enough, but then we had to split up our inventory between them.

How much time did you spend doing all the tasks that are now automated?
We could not handle all of the tasks we do now, so I will say weeks. With the automation Solid Commerce provides, we can get much more done.

What is your business like now that you’re using Solid Commerce?
We’ve been growing exponentially every year.

How easy was it to first use Solid Commerce?
It was a little hard at the beginning, but I had an Account Manager who guided me the whole time. They helped me learn quickly.

How easy is it for you to use now?
It is really easy. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use.

How did Solid Commerce customer support help you get started?
They were there every time I needed them.

What are you now doing with the time that the software has freed up?
We are stocking and listing more products. We are also selling on more marketplaces. So we have more items listed on each marketplace, and we sell on more marketplaces then we used to. We are currently launching FBA, which we’re really excited about.

How did Solid Commerce help your business make money?
They automated my whole inventory and shipping process, saving us time.

What would you say to another business that is thinking about working with Solid Commerce, but just doesn’t know if it’s worth it?
If they want to grow their e-commerce business, they need to make the jump. It is 100% worth it.

What do you think of Solid Commerce?
It is a great company run by people who care. They are always improving their product.

How long do you plan on using Solid Commerce?
Until I retire from e-commerce.