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Increased Listing Capabilities on eBay and Amazon

Discount Marine Source is a family-owned retailer widely known as “your source for affordable marine parts and accessories shipped directly to your door.” Their ecommerce operation includes: their own webstore, eBay, and Amazon.


  • The challenges facing Discount Marine Source were:
  • Discount Marine Source saw missed opportunities resulting in a loss of revenue because they could not list new items to all the marketplaces.
  • The process of updating existing listings (price changes, etc) was very time consuming and cumbersome.
  • They could not afford the expense and training time required to hire a new employee just to create and manage new eBay & Amazon listings.
  • They needed a solution that provided bulk listing management so they could save time.  According to Chris McLellan, the company was not listing many items on eBay and Amazon because they “did not have the time to do it or the resources to hire staff to do it.”


  • The actions Solid Commerce took to address these challenges were:
  • Providing a dedicated account manager, Donna Lourie, to assist and support them. She assessed where efficiencies could be made and streamlined the activation process so it only took a few short sessions. “Donna’s continued support to us after the training and initial activation has been outstanding,” said McLellan.
  • Discount Marine Source now uses Solid Commerce to launch and maintain ALL of their eBay and Amazon listings.


  • Using Solid Commerce yielded the following (snapshot “After”):
  • With just a few hours of work on the Solid Commerce platform, Discount Marine Source went from having only a few hundred listings on eBay and Amazon to having over 4000; and they continue to grow.
  • Their eBay revenue increased by 500%.
  • Their Amazon revenue increased by 2000%!
  • McLellan reports that, “we spent about 80% less time managing 4000 listing across eBay and Amazon than we did before managing 500 listings on just eBay alone.”
  • Discount Marine Source was also able to save the cost of hiring an admin person to handle these tasks all while increasing revenue.  McLellan emphatically describes this as a “Win – Win HERE!!!”
  • With Solid Commerce, Discount Marine Source directly automated the price-updating process.
  • McLellan sums up his experience using the advanced listing capabilities made possible by Solid Commerce: “Now when our cost changes, the price is changed right away.  Before it might have taken us a week or sometimes months to get price changes to update due to lack of time and manpower.  This was causing our margins to suffer significantly.  Now we spend a few minutes doing what used to take us hours.”

Key Results

Within a short while of using Solid Commerce, Discount Marine Source had increase their eBay revenue increased by 500% and their Amazon revenue by 2000%!
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