Many wholesalers aren’t fully aware that a strong presence on channels like Amazon, eBay, Jet and more provides a wealth of new opportunities for sellers from all ends of the spectrum.

Wholesale distributors need to find more ways to increase their market shares while at the same time, boosting their sales performance. While multi-channel selling comes a bit more naturally to your retailer counterparts, don’t discount the approach for your wholesale business.

As a wholesaler, you may be trying to figure out which channels will work best for your unique business. At Solid Commerce, we make it easy for you to sell across multiple channels, so you don’t have to select just one. 

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A simple, branded website along with a brick and mortar store is no longer enough for retailers to compete in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. As more and more online marketplaces enter the fold, you’ll need to diversify in order to compete. However, maintaining several online shops on Amazon, eBay and more can pose some operational challenges, and you may have concerns about how you’ll keep up with inventory, customer service and more. ​

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Should manufacturers get in on the multi-channel action? That’s the big question on many manufacturers’ minds these days. You’ve probably started brainstorming the different ways in which you can reach a new audience or spread your marketing dollars (and let’s be honest, energy) even further. While e-commerce has restructured the dynamic between wholesalers and their retailers and distributors, it’s also opened up a number of new opportunities for brands to directly interact with their audience, as well as increase sales.

Amazon is an authorized reseller for a number of products—creeping up on 85% if we’re talking facts and figures here. But, are they selling your entire product catalog? And if not Amazon, which retail partners of yours are selling your products on eBay or Jet, or their own branded ecommerce website.

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Traditionally, brands sell to big retailers and use distributors to extend their reach into smaller shops. Basic selling 101, right? Nope. We’ve entered a new digital era and the role of brand versus retailer versus distributor has become increasingly unclear.

As a brand, you probably have been taught that your company should stay within your lane, selling to your big accounts, and letting distributors do the work selling to smaller, independent shops and sites on your behalf. However, the multi-channel landscape has shaken things up to such an extent, that you may be missing out on prime opportunities by choosing to stay loyal to the status quo. If you’re considering Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart or others as additional avenues for profit, we can help.

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