Multi-Channel Inventory Management Software

As your business starts to take off, inventory management can feel like a full-time job. To help solve this problem, solid commerce created inventory management software that keeps everything in one place. When you sell an item on one channel, inventory levels are automatically updated across all your sales channels.

Centralized inventory

Our Centralized Inventory Management software acts as a central hub for all of your web stores and marketplaces. Solid Commerce monitors inventory changes as orders come in and products get restocked, pushing updates to all of your storefronts.

Multiple warehouses

Set up multiple warehouses within your account. You can see the quantity and cost of an item in each warehouse and view the total inventory level of a specific product across all your warehouses.

Quantity control

We let you assign specific quantity levels to each marketplace, thereby concealing your remaining inventory. By creating a sense of urgency, hidden stock levels are an effective strategy for boosting sales.

Multiple vendors

Automatically update inventory purchased from your Vendors through a direct API connection or an FTP upload. Item quantity and cost will instantly populate within your select Warehouse and list to the marketplaces.

Inventory history

See all of the quantity changes for any item. The Inventory History tracks order numbers, Excel uploads, and manual updates. It also shows which Solid Commerce user made a change.

Custom storage locations

Solid Commerce allows you to save Storage Locations that match your physical warehouse. You can print pick lists that are organized by aisle and bin location, allowing you to pick, pack, and ship faster than ever before.

Bulk quantity updates

Add, replace, or subtract item quantities in bulk. Item quantity updates from Vendors are automated, whereas remaining item quantity updates can be completed using our Scan and Load tool or Excel.

Kitting & Bundling

Create kit listings by grouping together like items for maximum sales. With automated inventory tracking, there’s no reason to not take advantage of kitting.  Read More