Sears Marketplace Integration

Sears is best known as a department store chain, but it certainly has an online presence, with thousands of transactions taking place every day. Sears Marketplace is an innovative community that allows merchants like yourself to advertise or sell your products on the Sears Holdings Corporation family of websites. It can open your business to millions of new customers or drive traffic to your site.

Solid Commerce Is Proud To Offer An Integration With Retail Giant, Sears. Here’s A Few Ways We Simplify Selling On Sears

Keep Listings Live

Edit live listings within your Solid Commerce account. From there, we will automatically update the new quantity, price, and product information on Sears. We also help prevent your listing from expiring, keeping your business in good standing.

Improve Your Seller Rating

Quickly improve your seller rating with automated inventory updates and rapid fulfillment. Our system can even help eliminate oversells. Once your quantity hits zero, Solid Commerce will close the listing for you. 

Take Control Of Your Inventory

You can submit your entire stock for sale, or use our advanced listing management features to hide your actual inventory levels from Sears

Automate Tracking Information

Once your item has shipped, Solid Commerce will instantly send the tracking number to Sears.


Highlights Include

  • Fulfilment by Sears
  • Cost-Per-Click Advertisement on Sears
  • Your items can show up as products on
  • Pay only for the services you need
  • Sellers compete with Sears