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Fast-Growing Walmart Promises Huge Opportunities For Online Sellers

The brick and mortar superstore is coming for its share of the growing e-commerce pie. With an audience 80 million strong, this relative new-comer is nothing to sniff at. Solid Commerce will make things easy—track orders and inventory from one central location, while boosting visibility in front of Walmart’s growing audience.

Powerful Walmart Listing Directly From Excel

Using our powerful Microsoft Excel integration, you can create complete eBay listings for multiple items. In the same file, you can add additional information for other marketplaces to create a streamlined listing process

Create Bulk Variation Listings

Solid Commerce gives you the tools to create variation listing on Walmart for multiple items in one upload. We also support variation listings with multiple dropdown menus and responsive images

Update Live Listings

Change your title, shipping options, return policy, or item specifics – all while keeping your listing open. Price and quantity update automatically.

Adjust Price Based On Cost

Solid Commerce uses its dynamic pricing tool to automatically update price based on changing costs. Walmart users can breathe easy knowing their prices will never fall below what they feel comfortable with, which is great if you’ve got listings on multiple e-commerce shops. With Solid Commerce you can adjust the price based on channel and offer promotions one marketplace at a time.


More features of our Walmart Seller Software

  • Global Shipping Program
  • Strikethrough Pricing
  • Duplicate listing prevention
  • Hidden Stock levels
  • Free Auction scheduling