Solid Commerce Is A One-Stop Shop For Order Management And Fulfillment 

Whether you ship orders yourself, have them drop shipped, or do a mix of both, we can help.

Consolidate order management

Having all of your orders available in one place makes fulfillment and shipping easy. We give you a lot of options for sorting, organizing, and fulfilling your orders. Your Account Manager will help you find the specialized process that is right for you.

Find orders with ease

Our powerful search capabilities help you quickly find the orders you want. Search filters include: order status, buyer name, buyer zip code, SKU, UPC, marketplace, warehouse/vendor, order date range, shipped date range, and more.

Use custom order statuses

Keep your orders organized by assigning your own custom statuses to them. For example, you can tell the difference between the orders you just printed on a pick list and the other Paid orders waiting to be shipped, by marking the pick list orders as “Printed”. You can also mark them as “Backordered”, “Sent”, or any other status you need.

Use warehouse bin locations

Don’t get lost wandering your warehouse. Your warehouse aisle and bin locations appear on your orders and inside your Solid Commerce warehouses and marketplaces, so you always know where to find your items. Storage locations are also a primary filter on our pick lists.

Print pick lists and packing slips

Keep your picking process efficient by printing pick lists. You can also print fully customizable packing slips from both the user interface and SolidShip shipping tool.

Upload tracking information

Use an Excel file, setup an FTP sync, or build an API connection to get tracking information uploaded into Solid Commerce from a vendor or other outside system.

Export your orders
Filter orders any way you want, then export the search results to Excel. These exports pull out valuable data. They can be used for reports, uploads to other systems, vendor POs, accounting, or any number of uses.