Should manufacturers get in on the multi-channel action? That’s the big question on many manufacturers’ minds these days. You’ve probably started brainstorming the different ways in which you can reach a new audience or spread your marketing dollars (and let’s be honest, energy) even further. While e-commerce has restructured the dynamic between wholesalers and their retailers and distributors, it’s also opened up a number of new opportunities for brands to directly interact with their audience, as well as increase sales.

Amazon is an authorized reseller for a number of products—creeping up on 85% if we’re talking facts and figures here. But, are they selling your entire product catalog? And if not Amazon, which retail partners of yours are selling your products on eBay or Jet, or their own branded ecommerce website.

But—consumer brand manufacturers should be selling direct across all sales channels that make sense. There’s no reason not to, other than internal bandwidth, and a preconceived notion that as a manufacturer, you have no business surpassing the middleman and selling direct on your own.

Solid Commerce provides you with the software and solutions needed to leverage your existing inventory and turn it into profit. Stop letting your backlogged stock collect dust, start moving product and finding new customers in new places.

Here’s how we can help:

Boost brand power

Selling direct allows you to control the end to end consumer experience. Rather than taking the power out of your hands and into that of the retailer, placing your wares for consumption on the online marketplaces ensures you’ll maintain control from production all the way through shipping.

Gain insights from your customers 

selling direct to consumers rather than go through a middleman opens access to customer data. You’ll now get feedback from customers you can use to improve your products and solutions, as well as tweak your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Set your own pricing structure

Rather than rely on your retail partners to set the pricing and relay your messaging, Solid Commerce allows you to use smart re-pricing to compete with other sellers, adjusting prices on Amazon to maximize profit, while remaining competitive.

Increase profitability

As a manufacturer, having a presence on multiple channels increases your brand’s visibility, thereby increasing sales. When people can easily find you on eBay, Amazon, Jet, or even Walmart—your pool of potential customers becomes exponentially larger.

Don’t Step On Anyone’s Toes - Keep SKUs in Line with Solid Commerce

Many manufacturers don’t yet have the ability to sell directly to consumers. And if they do, they may be concerned about upsetting authorized re-sellers or retail partners. That’s understandable—we’re not advocating that you undermine what your partners are doing, but it can be tricky to figure out which products

While you’ll want to be careful to not step on anyone’s toes, or invalidate any agreements set into place, you should be selling anywhere you can. That’s simply the way it works these days. We were divided into different categories in the old days because of what we were able to offer.

Traditionally speaking, as a manufacturer, you’ve got the goods, while your partner retailers have the marketing and capacity for sales standing behind them. That’s not entirely the case anymore. These days, we now have the ability to sell on multiple platforms at once—without needing to hire additional staff or lease a new property to support a big-time expansion.

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Start selling directly to consumers today! At Solid Commerce, we help manufacturers organize their multi-channel strategy, providing support for over 20 different marketplaces like Amazon, Jet and eBay to Overstock and Rakuten. We’ll help you automate a lot of the small stuff—from customer service to inventory management. Increase profits and visibility, without the headache that typically comes along with those efforts. We’re here to help.