Many wholesale sellers aren’t fully aware that a strong presence on channels like Amazon, eBay, Jet and more provides a wealth of new opportunities for sellers from all ends of the spectrum.

Wholesale distributors need to find more ways to increase their market shares while at the same time, boosting their sales performance. While multi-channel selling comes a bit more naturally to your retailer counterparts, don’t discount the the approach for your wholesale business.

As a wholesaler, you may be trying to figure out which channels will work best for your unique business. At Solid Commerce, we make it easy for you to sell across multiple channels, so you don’t have to select just one. 

Here’s a quick look at how our software can help your wholesale business grow by diversifying your customer base:


Now, while expanding your reach over multiple channels is sure to increase your sales with minimal effort, there are some things you should be diligent in marketing your brand with appealing prices and professional customer service. This helps you sell intelligently, and effectively, increasing the chance that your business will become a force to be reckoned with one day.


Platforms like Amazon allow wholesalers to sell products in a whole new way—opening the door for major profits by placing their brand in front of legions of new customers. By selling your merchandise on Amazon, as well as other platforms like Jet or eBay, you are not only increasing your company’s profits, but expanding the reach of your brand, simply by placing it in front of a new audience.

Customer Service

While you’re used to maintaining relationships with retailers and distributors, you’re probably not equipped to handle queries and requests from the end customer. At Solid Commerce, we’ll help you stay on top of customer service tasks like order status, returns and more—from end customers and retailers alike.


Selling direct means you’ll be shipping smaller orders to multiple locations. Our system makes it easy to print shipping labels for all orders—no matter the type of customer or marketplace of origination.

Inventory Management

If the thought of inventory management across a variety of channels makes you nervous, we’re here to help. Never stock-out or oversell product again. With Solid Commerce, you’ll stay on top of inventory counts, even if you’re on every online marketplace under the sun.

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Ready to take your business to the next level? Our web-based software makes it easy to play the role of wholesaler, retailer and ruler of the online marketplace. Automating operations from inventory management, pricing, and listings to shipping and logistics, we make it easy for you to rethink what it means to be a wholesaler in this day and age.

At Solid Commerce, we offer wholesalers a simple solution to growing their business—helping you to increase your brand’s presence across a wide range of online marketplaces. Start selling directly to your target audience today – for more information on how to get started, click here.