Clothing, shoes and accessories are hands down some of the most searched for and shopped for items on the web. Consumers are always looking for the best deal, so being in all the places at once can really pay off, as people want to do all their shopping from one website. Today’s apparel sellers must take a multi-channel approach in order to cater to existing customers’ needs as well as keep growing their audience.

At Solid Commerce, we understand the challenges that go along with selling apparel. With multiple pieces of inventory, keeping up with changing seasons and managing all the logistics—selling on multiple channels may seem counter intuitive at first blush. That’s where our software solutions come in. 

Here’s why you should talk to a growth advisor today:

Sell Where People Are Shopping

Become a multi-channel seller, taking your products beyond the walls of a traditional brick-and-mortar store and your own website. Solid Commerce makes it easy to put your products in front of a larger audience than ever before—giving your customers a number of opportunities to buy your product. In today's retail environment customers want options.

Keep it Consistent

It may seem like an afterthought, but when you’re selling clothing or accessories, consistency is king—you’ll want to maintain a seamless customer experience no matter what platform you’re on. Solid Commerce makes consistent branding simple—our software allows you to make templates of your listings, so the details from product descriptions, sizing options and the overall look of your brand all play into one cohesive voice.

Using our single, centralized hub allows you to keep track of product information, and manage the myriad requirements for each sales channel. Solid Commerce will ensure you provide a high level of consistency across all marketplaces, creating a seamless multi-channel customer experience.

Make Merchandising Easier

Apparel sellers often have the unique challenge of juggling several different product catalogs from a variety of manufacturers and brands. At Solid Commerce, our software enables you to compile data from all product sources in one, easy-to-find location, making listing and marketing all those items a breeze—fitting in with your shop’s specific look and voice whether you’re on Amazon, eBay, Jet or your own ecommerce site.

Because every supplier sends product data—sizing, occasion, fit, color, style, etc.—in different formats, consolidating this data is key. Our Excel plug-ins make it easy for sellers to keep track of all products, from seller data to inventory and price, so you can focus on making more sales, rather than getting caught up with data entry.

Manage Inventory from One Location

Ditch the tedious process of manual inventory management, and let Solid Commerce do the heavy lifting. We understand things can get messy if orders are coming in from multiple marketplaces at a time, and you are and fulfilling them from a variety of source—drop-shippers, different stores or a collection of suppliers. Without a software solution in place, keeping track of everything on your own is just plain hard. Our automated inventory management means all channels have up-to-date inventory data allowing you to present an accurate sense of product availability, even if you sell on all 20 marketplaces Solid Commerce supports.

Take the leap and invest in the software you need to take your business to the next level. Solid Commerce makes multi-channel management a breeze—from automated listings on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and more, to streamlining end-to-end operations—we’ll help you grow your brand and find a new audience of shoppers ready to get dressed.