Selling jewelry online can be challenging, particularly when you’re selling on a number of different marketplaces. As a jeweler, you’re used selling a number of unique items, many with provenance, like certified diamonds and gemstones. Jewelers and diamond manufacturers alike need a higher level of integrated solutions —  Solid Commerce will help you manage your online catalog, work with distributors, and handle all customer interactions from our web-based platform.

Sell Stones Loose or as a Complete Piece

Maximize your sales potential with our kitting and bundling tool. Sell loose stones on their own or as part of a whole piece of jewelry. For example, you can offer a diamond on its own, or embedded in a necklace or a ring. If you end up selling that diamond embedded in a setting, all listings associated with the stone will be removed, so you’ll never lose a sale due to mismanaged inventory.

Maximize Profits and Visibility

Price your custom jewelry across various marketplaces. From Etsy and eBay to Amazon, Bluefly and Bonanza, Solid Commerce gives you the tools needed to make the most of every marketplace you’re on. Set parameters with our automated re-pricing tool to guarantee your products are priced competitively yet won’t compromise your bottom line.

Easy Integration into New Markets

To allow for easier jewelers' integration into the new field of online markets and e-Commerce, we’ve assembled the complete digital service team. Our software performs the setup of the system, maintains and optimizes performance across all sales channels and consolidates all customer interactions, so you can provide a professional level of service to all customers, no matter where they find you.

Sync Inventory — Avoid Costly Mistakes

Accuracy is imperative in the online jewelry business. Enter Solid Commerce. We’ll help you sync inventory between all sales channels, so you can be sure to avoid any expensive mistakes. With our software, you’ll accurately be able to track inventory levels and remove listings automatically when that item sells on another platform.

Shipping Made Easy

Our SolidShip tool makes it easy to handle all things shipping and fulfillment. From printing shipping label in bulk to automated tracking and consolidated customer service management, Solid Commerce gives you the ability to get your orders out both quickly and efficiently — all from one central location.

Get Started with Solid Commerce Today!

Call us today and talk to one of our growth advisers. We’ll provide you with the training and support needed to take advantage of all the tools at your disposal — consolidated inventory of products, raw materials, and loose stones, our SolidShip solution, bulk listing capabilities and more. Best of all you’ll be able to manage orders from one centralized hub, and provide clients with a higher level of personal service.