The modern customer is no longer categorized as online or offline. Today’s brands and retailers need to step up and have a presence in the places where customers are shopping. And while luxury goods are primarily about exclusivity, a multi-channel approach is key for you to attract new customers and retain old ones.  Shoppers tend to relate to a brand rather than the channel its being sold on, so as a seller you’ll need to make sure your products are both easy to find, and maintain a high level of consistency.

Solid Commerce’s web-based software can help. We’ll simplify the end-to-end selling process from listing all your inventory to shipping and logistics. Here’s a look at what our software can do for your business:

An Elevated Level of Service

Let’s face it. Luxury shoppers want the luxury experience, and a botched customer interaction has the potential to tarnish the brand well before the tracking number gets sent along. With Solid Commerce, you can access all customer orders, inquiries and more from one centralized hub—making it easy to offer the same level of personal service as a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

Consistency is Key

As a luxury goods seller you know the importance of consistency all too well. Customers seek out your products not only because they need a specific leather wallet or a new pair of sunglasses, but because of the prestige that comes along with a specific brand. When you add more online marketplaces enter to sales equation, maintaining a brand voice becomes ever more important, and at the same time all the more difficult. That’s where Solid Commerce comes in. We’ve got the software you need to automate the listing process—templating out product listings so everything from the product descriptions to the photos, logos and sizing information is the same on eBay, Amazon, Overstock, or anywhere else you sell your wares.

Crush the Competition

While we’re not suggesting you cheapen your brand by lowering prices left and right, it’s worth mentioning that customers are typically searching for the best deals when shopping online. Whether they’re looking for a designer bag on eBay, or a great pair of boots for the fall, consumers want the best product at the best price. Our dynamic repricing tool automatically adjusts pricing so you can undercut the competition, lowering prices if needed, without sacrificing the bottom line.

Start selling with Solid Commerce today. We’ll get you set up with all the right tools to help you boost sales, increase profitability and streamline end-to-end operations. Our growth advisors are on hand to answer any questions you may have, from which platforms you should be selling on, down to the smallest details.