Between all the clothing sales and the booming electronics industry, it’s easy to forget that the online auto parts industry is a major part of the growing marketplace pie. While eBay has ruled the space for nearly two decades, Amazon Autoparts is becoming a big market for motor part sales as well. And that’s not even taking into account smaller channels like Sears, Rakuten, or NewEgg. Listing your entire inventory on all platforms seems like an unsurmountable challenge, and it can be tricky to decide which channels are worth your time and energy.  

As ecommerce experts ourselves, we realize that it’s hard to find the time to manage all the parts listings, and market yourself at the same time.

Support for eBay Fitment Data

We know that figuring out the fitment (parts compatibility) for eBay motors can be a bit of a headache without the proper support. Solid Commerce makes it easy for you to provide consumers with a comprehensive list of compatible vehicles for one specific part, all from one listing, saving you time and making it easy to provide customers with a higher level of service.

Kitting and Bundling

A real boon for motor parts sellers, kitting and bundling helps retailers sell items in a different way, allowing them to simplify the purchasing process for potential customers. We’ll help you pair complementary items and sell them as a single unit, which is especially useful in the auto parts business. Building kits is also beneficial for increasing margins, lowering operational costs and maximizing potential to reach a broader audience by creating more active listings.

Bulk Listings

At Solid Commerce, we know that listing every single every single part or accessory is both tedious and time consuming. We understand your frustration. Our web-based software auto populates all the details—MSRP, model number, description, images and more—freeing up your time to focus on the big picture stuff like turning a profit and growing your audience. Whether you’re looking for just a basic text based listing, or a professional level template with all the bells and whistles—Solid Commerce is right there to support you.

Not Just eBay

We know that the online auto parts industry is growing well beyond its origins on eBay Motors. That’s why our software is We’re more than just eBay support—sell your motor parts anywhere with Solid Commerce. We’ll help you manage everything from bulk listings and parts compatibility to keeping track of inventory and orders.

Get started with Solid Commerce today, and let our growth advisers help you take your motor parts business to the next level. With the right tools in place, Solid Commerce allows you to start moving product today, whether you’re selling parts exclusively on eBay, or have all your ecommerce bases covered from the big dogs to the smaller players.