The outdoor enthusiast doesn’t have the time to search multiple websites just to find everything they need for their next big adventure. These days, the average consumer is both deal driven and convenience-oriented, and as a seller, you need to have your products on multiple platforms to guarantee you are part of the one-stop shopping experience.

At Solid Commerce, our focus is helping you boost sales by increasing your brand reach and diversifying your sales channels. We automate everything from managing listings to customer inquiries and more. All so you can focus on building the best quality brand you can.

Manage Inventory

As a seller, managing inventory on just one platform can be a challenge. Be it a physical store, an Amazon shop or your own, branded e-commerce site—our web-based software makes tracking stock as pain-free as possible, so you’ll never double-sell or stock out.

Kits and Bundles

Increase margins, while at the same time emphasizing convenience.

Solid Commerce makes it easy to bundle like items together so the customer can buy say, a camping stove and utensils that go along with it, all in one click. On the seller side, bundling is beneficial as it cuts down on the cost of shipping and processing, as well as gives you more money per sale.

Consistent branding

Let’s face it. Just placing your product on more channels isn’t enough to maximize profits on its own. You still need to maintain consistent quality when delivering goods to customers. Solid Commerce can help you maintain the quality people have come to expect from your brand, even as you add multiple channels to the equation. We’ll help you maintain that level of consistency—so you’re the go-to sport and outdoor authority to shoppers on Jet, eBay, Amazon or anywhere else.

Customer Service

Build confidence in your products. With sports and outdoor equipment, customers are looking for a sense of reassurance that your product will stand up to rain, snow or sleet or being thrown, kicked and tossed around muddy fields and dusty backyards. No matter where you’re selling you’ll want customers to be able to easily reach you—whether to return something that didn’t quite work right or buy a replacement. Solid Commerce makes it easy to answer questions, process returns and issue tracking information, all from one central location—making it easy to build trust and maintain consistency, no matter how many irons you have in the fire.

Looking to boost bottom lines, get more exposure or get a better handle on your logistics and operations? Give us a call, and one of our growth advisers will answer your questions, and get you started on the path to multi-channel success. Solid Commerce will help you get noticed, and from there, build a reputation as a reliable brand that people will seek out no matter where you decide to sell.