A simple, branded website along with a brick and mortar store is no longer enough for retailers to compete in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. As more and more online marketplaces enter the fold, you’ll need to diversify in order to compete. However, maintaining several online shops on Amazon, eBay and more can pose some operational challenges, and you may have concerns about how you’ll keep up with inventory, customer service and more. 

If you’re a retailer in need of some extra hands on deck, here’s how Solid Commerce can help:

Expand Your Store – Sell on Multiple Platforms

Expansion doesn’t necessarily mean physical growth—with the right tools, expansion can be relatively simple, and it doesn’t necessarily require you to burden your team with more work, hire additional staff, or open a new facility. You may be thinking your ecommerce website is enough to supplement your physical store, but the fact of the matter is, if you’re a small or medium-sized retail business, people simply aren’t going to think to go to your website unprompted.

Enter the big guns. If you’re not yet on Amazon, sign up immediately. Get started with Jet, set up shop on eBay, request an invite from Walmart. Diversify.

From there, look at other platforms and see what makes sense. Walmart.com has opened its doors to third-party retailers in an effort to compete in massive online marketplace industry. As it stands, there never has been more opportunities to diversify your channels, and Solid Commerce has the tools that’ll make the transition a breeze.  

Be Everywhere at Once with Solid Commerce

E-commerce giant, Amazon has the potential to deliver customers by sheer virtue of having the numbers. Newcomers to the online marketplace landscape like Jet and Walmart offer retailers the opportunity to diversify your reach beyond the virtual walls of your own branded website.

Our software allows you to receive orders from multiple sources from one, central location—meaning, maintaining a presence in several different markets won’t actually turn into more work for your business. Instead, all marketplaces will converge in one central hub—but you’ll have the benefit of broadcasting your unique solutions to the largest target audience you can.

Manage Inventory Across Channels

The biggest challenge will be managing inventory across multiple channels. We understand that sticking your eggs in every basket out there sounds a little counterintuitive, however, Solid Commerce has solutions in place to make things easier.

As retailer, you need all the help you can get. Centralize inventory, and keep track of all your offerings from one central hub. Solid Commerce auto-imports orders, so you’ll be able to see incoming orders from your own website, eBay, Amazon, anywhere you’re selling, all in one easy to view location, making processing orders a breeze. Additionally, you’ll be able to easily print shipping labels and automatically forward tracking information along to customers all without leaving the solid commerce site.

You don’t want to limit yourself by putting all your stock in your company webpage or only listing on Amazon or eBay—think big. Have you thought about Jet? Walmart.com? Do you make things that could be sold on handmade utopia, Etsy?

Manage and Fulfill orders—with Automation Software

List your products from one catalog on all the marketplaces in bulk or individually. Solid Commerce’s powerful automation will help you expand your business, quickly and easily.

Process all orders from one location—print shipping labels, send customers updates on their order status.

Get Started with Solid Commerce Today

Don’t limit yourself by limiting your channels. Our software allows you to be everywhere at once, taking on logistical challenges that were once only possibly by having a team the size of an army standing behind you. Solid Commerce makes it easy to sell on Amazon eBay, Jet, Walmart and more. In fact, we’re currently compatible with over 20 different online marketplaces. Sign up today and find out how the power of dynamic repricing, Excel integration and bulk listing will empower your retail store to grow beyond your wildest expectations.