eBay: Don’t Just List Your Products, Promote Them! Here’s How

Posted on Jul 13, 2017

As millions of shoppers continue to shift online in search of deals, steals, and bargains, eBay has recommitted itself to helping its sellers gain more traffic and improve their sales. To grab more shoppers in an increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape, eBay is offering marketing tools to its store owners to improve their sales performance.

With a store subscription, sellers automatically get access to eBay’s new marketing tools including Promoted Listings and Promotions Manager. Both are geared to not only improve visibility but to also increase sellers’ conversion rates. Since Promoted Listings and Promotions Manager sound similar, here is a simple explanation of the differences between them: Promoted Listings is an advertising tool that drives visibility across eBay whereas Promotions Manager allows you to offer promotions and discounts to increase...


Posted on Jul 3, 2017

Amazon Prime Day

Set your calendars folks, as one of the biggest selling days of the year, Amazon Prime Day, will commence on July 10 th on 6:00pm PT and last for 30 hours - longer than the year before. Millions of Amazon Prime shoppers around the world will be scouring Amazon’s marketplace looking for great discounts and exclusive deals.

Since its inception 3 years ago, Amazon Prime Day has offered Prime members fantastic deals from Amazon itself and 3 rd party sellers. Although Amazon Prime Day experienced a few hiccups in its first couple of years, Amazon has made strides to improve and polish its yearly sales event. In 2016, Amazon saw a 60% increase in orders worldwide from the year before. 2017 is expected to see even more traffic.

For sellers to compete for the attention of this influx of shoppers, they need to up their game. Here are some suggestions from Amazon on how to...

eBay Active Content: Make Sure Your Listings Are Not Blocked

Posted on May 30, 2017

eBay Active Content Removal

Are your eBay listings clear of all active content? In June 2017, eBay will disable all listings that contain active content in their coding. Sellers who have not eliminated active content in their listings will have their listings blocked and as a result, experience a potential loss in sales.

Active Content is a particular coding element that enables sellers to create an interactive user experience with such features such as scrollable product images, drop-down menus, streaming videos or in-store search functionality. Active content includes JavaScript, Flash, form actions and plug-ins, all of which makes stores and listings more dynamic and interesting.

So, why then is eBay getting rid of active content in listings? The reason is twofold. First, active content slows down content loading on mobile devices and hinders mobile purchases. As more consumers shop on their...


Posted on May 19, 2017

Drop Shipping Software

Whether you are new to selling on marketplaces such as Amazon or Walmart or are an experienced seller, expanding your product catalog can help your ecommerce business remain competitive and grow. However, expanding your online offerings without making a large investment in inventory has always been a challenge. Fortunately drop-shipping makes it possible to dramatically ramp up your product offerings with little or no upfront investment.

First, let’s define drop-shipping. Drop-shipping is an arrangement between you (the seller/retailer) and a drop-shipper (wholesaler or manufacturer) in which the seller post products for sale on Amazon, Walmart or other marketplaces, and orders are fulfilled and shipped directly from the manufacturer or supplier to the buyer.

The retailer buys a product from a wholesaler only after a customer buys it from the retailer’s online store....

How to Reduce eBay Seller Fees – Are You Paying Too Much?

Posted on May 2, 2017

Many retailers who sell on eBay without a store are unaware that their eBay seller fees would be lower if they were on an official eBay store, while other sellers may have an eBay store tier that is incurring more seller fees than necessary because it is poorly suited for their sales volume and overall number of SKUS.

Understanding eBay’s different store levels and ensuring that you are on the correct store type can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars, making eBay one of the most cost efficient marketplaces available for sellers.

Essentially, a retailer can sell without any kind of store or on 1 of 3 different store tiers. Each store tier allows for a greater number of free listings in exchange for a higher monthly subscription fee.

First, a quick word needs to be said about selling without a store vs. a store of any type. Generally speaking, a...

Marketplace Diversity For Maximum Selling Opportunities

Posted on Aug 23, 2016

Have you ever found yourself shopping for a last minute gift, clicking through multiple websites, looking for the next best deal? Chances are you have. It’s no surprise that recent research has revealed that the average consumer spends less than one minute on any given website. Yikes! Consumers today shop online for a wide range of reasons; from purchasing school supplies and toys for a beloved pet, to ordering a last minute anniversary gift at 2:00 AM the morning of. Knowing the reasons your customers shop online can benefit you as a seller immensely. Here is a short list of the top reasons consumers use the web for their purchases:

Convenience – Order from the comfort of your own home 24/7 without lines to wait in! Better prices – More competition online equals better pricing for consumers. Variety - Have access to different sellers and stores that you might not have locally...

Should I be in more than one Marketplace

Posted on Aug 18, 2016

The answer is always going to be yes. Amazon is the biggest, so it will almost always be your most successful marketplace due to its size and popularity. I almost always recommend starting there if you’re new to marketplaces. Once you’ve established yourself on Amazon, I then recommend moving to eBay, Walmart and Jet.

Depending on a bunch of other factors (price competitiveness, free shipping, delivery time, etc.), sales increases vary on a case by case basis, but there is an increase of sales, and that at the end of the day is your goal. As soon as you have conquered these 3 marketplaces, we recommend looking at next 4 marketplaces, Newegg, Sears, Rakuten, Overstock. At the end of the day, it is getting your product listed in as many marketplaces as possible as long as it increases the number of sales, and increases the profitability of your business.