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Keyless Remote FOB

"Solid Commerce makes everything easy for us"

What: Keyless Entry Remote sells recycled car keys.

Why Solid Commerce: With over 500k units sold across multiple marketplaces, Keyless Entry needed a way to automate their processes to continue expanding and improve operational efficiency.

“We started listing on eBay and as we continued to grow, we expanded onto Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, as well as our own store. We have nearly 20k skus and over 300k items with sales of nearly 500k units a year, all that with a small staff. As the business continued to grow, we started to feel the pain of the manual processes".

As Keyless grew, so did their time spent managing listings, orders, and inventory updates, all of which became unsustainable for their growth plans. It was time to automate their operations.

“This is where Solid Commerce came into play, we no longer needed to login to several different platforms. Once you learn Solid Commerce you work within one platform to manage everything across all your channels. Selling receiving, inventory, all lives within the SC platform. Solid Commerce makes everything easy for us”.

1 Comment

Feb 27, 2023

Remote fobs are better than normal keys so while having car keys replacement think of getting a new fob.

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