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Leg Avenue Partners with UPS and Solid Commerce

Who: Leg Avenue

What: The Leg Avenue brand has humble roots as a family-owned hosiery business with big dreams.

Pain Point: Leg Avenue needed a central hub to scale their business across Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart. Their specific needs included custom automated FBA reporting, competitive watch features, and Shopify marketing metadata. Their business scales 100X in the month of October, so it was critical they select a solution that provides maximum scalability and reliability.

Why Solid Commerce: While already working with an incumbent vendor, there were many fees included that were unrelated to the core functional requirements of Leg Avenue who felt they were not a good value.

Leg Avenue reached out to their solutions team at UPS who connected them to the Solid Commerce sales team. Solid Commerce able to align them, based on their needs, to the Channels Manager end to end solution in preparation for their high season.


• This deal closed in March of 2021, customer was up and running within 30 days.

• Solid Commerce provided custom hosting infrastructure to ensure a successful peak season.

• In October of 2021 Leg Avenue processed 52,000 orders up from 450 in August.

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