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Solid Commerce & UPS Working Together 

Ship More Packages!

Solid Commerce solutions help UPS customers increase sales and print UPS labels. 

Your customers will be able to:

  • Print UPS labels at negotiated rates

  • Manage inventory on multiple channels

  • Expand to new sales channels 

  • ​Use CTP to grow their business

Solid Commerce is a UPS Digital Connections Provider

Through the UPS Digital Connections program, UPS customers can purchase the Solid Commerce Channels Manager platform at UPS-negotiated rates. 

• Digital Connections Program

• UPS Ready

• UPS Negotiated Rates

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Listing Management

Reach millions of customers faster. Save time, reduce your workload, and list more SKUs by bulk listing new products, submitting updates, and revising live listings on all major marketplaces and web stores.

Order Management

Consolidated Order Management

Having all of your orders available in one place makes fulfillment and shipping easy. We give you a lot of options for sorting, organizing, and fulfilling your orders. Your Growth Advisor will help you find the specialized process that is right for you.

Find Orders with Ease

Our powerful search capabilities help you quickly find the orders you want. Search filters include order status, buyer name, buyer zip code, SKU, UPC, marketplace, warehouse/vendor, and more.

Automatically Send Tracking

Inventory Management

As your business starts to take off, inventory management can feel like a full-time job. To solve this problem, we created a solution that enables sellers to sync their inventory levels across channels and manage them all in one place.

Shipping Labels

Batch Print Labels

Save time by batch printing shipping labels for multiple carriers at once. Filter orders by custom order status and then print labels sorted by Storage Location or SKU.

Shipping Carriers Support

Our shipping tool supports all major shipping carriers including UPS, USPS, FedEx,, Endicia, and more.

Seamless Integrations

Do you use ShipWorks, ShipStation, or Shipping Easy? No problem! We also have integrations to support these shipping providers.

Once an order is marked as shipped, we will automatically send a shipment notification and tracking number to your marketplace or web store.


Outsmart the competition and never lose the Amazon Buy-Box again. With our Amazon Repricing tool, you can set customized options such as product condition, seller ranking, time of day, and much more.

Dashboard & Reports

Built-in business intelligence reports give insight into your online sales operations and help you manage your sales metrics. Monitor your margins, trends, and performance KPIs to make informed strategic decisions for your business. Know your top-selling products and get detailed reports on sales performance per product.

“I have tested all of the major Aggregation Systems and Solid Commerce stands out above all of them.”


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